V.F. Hess Centenary Symposium

Homi Bhabha Auditorium

Homi Bhabha Auditorium

TIFR, Mumbai.
Sunil Gupta (TIFR)
Victor F. Hess, in 1912, in an attempt to find the cause of ionization in his hermetically sealed vessel, demonstrated the existence of highly penetrating radiation of extraterrestrial origin through a series of balloon flights. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1936 "for his discovery of cosmic radiation" (The Nobel Foundation, 1936). This discovery opened up a new field of astroparticle physics and lead to the discovery of several fundamental particles and improved our understanding of particle interaction at highest energies. This symposium will review and highlight important discoveries and unanswered questions in the past 100 years. We will revisit the Indian contribution to Cosmic Ray research and highlight a few of the results.
    • 09:00 09:20
      Inaugural program 20m
    • 09:20 10:05
      Indian cosmic ray experiments 45m
      Speaker: Prof. Sreekantan B.V. (National Institute of Advanced Studies)
    • 10:05 10:45
      Linkages between cosmic rays and nuclear energy 40m
      Speaker: Prof. Srinivasan M.R. (Atomic Energy Commission)
    • 10:45 11:15
      Tea 30m Outside auditorium

      Outside auditorium

      Homi Bhabha Auditorium

      TIFR, Mumbai.
    • 11:15 11:45
      Connecting inner and outer space 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Subir Sarkar (University of OXford)
    • 11:45 12:25
      Indian cosmic ray program - present and future 40m
      Speaker: Prof. Sunil Gupta (TIFR)
    • 12:25 13:05
      Cosmic ray research in Europe since Hess 40m
      Speaker: Dr Andreas Haungs (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
    • 13:05 14:05
      Lunch 1h
    • 14:05 14:45
      Neutrinos since early days 40m
      Speaker: Prof. Thomas Gaisser (University of Delaware)
    • 14:45 15:25
      Evolution of TeV gamma ray astronomy 40m
      Speaker: Prof. Johannes Knapp (University of Leeds)
    • 15:25 15:55
      Summary and Vote of thanks 30m
      Speaker: Prof. Sibaji Raha (Bose Institute)
    • 15:55 16:25
      Panel discussion
    • 16:25 17:00
      Tea 35m Outside Auditorium

      Outside Auditorium

      Homi Bhabha Auditorium

      TIFR, Mumbai.